Our Partners


As a group, we are in an advantage due to the excellent support we get from our partners. The following organisations supply us with quality products and services and they help us keep our prices down so that we can offer our clients only the best. If you are a signwriter and would like to join New Zealand Sign Group and enjoy the benefits then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

We are New Zealand's foremost sign industry supplier
committed to delivering quality, cost effective products
and service. We endeavour to supply everything a sign
company needs to be at the cutting edge of sign technology.

Mulford Plastics has been instrumental in pioneering much of today’s wide applications of plastics through the Asia Pacific Region.  This includes innovative materials sourced from a diverse range of technology leading manufactures that are now used across a host of dynamic industries

Flagmakers logo.png

As a strategic partner to the NZ Sign Group, Flagmakers offers a premium range of products that allow members to offer a point of difference in the market place.


Along with our product guarantees and our technical support team, members can be assured of delivering high quality products to NZ Sign Group members.


Flagmakers continues to set the standard with print quality winning over 20 Gold and Category Print Awards over the last 20 years.


Signage Starts Here : We are the distributor to the sign and graphics industry and have been doing so for almost four decades. Although the technology we use has changed a lot, we believe it still takes the craftsperson to know how to turn an idea into a reality that expresses the essence of a brand.


Today, we work together with sign, print, window film and graphics companies across New Zealand to do just that.

Established in 1999, Site Safe is a national not-for- profit organisation that promotes a culture of health and safety across New Zealand's construction and related industries to prevent deaths and injuries.

Our focus is in the health and safety area of the construction industry, where we aim to provide the best leadership, behaviour and systems to support a positive change in the health and safety culture in New Zealand.