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Our vision is to create and nurture
a strong family of signwriters networked throughout Aotearoa who individually, and as an unit, offer consistency in quality, service and value for money.


Our Story

Established in 2013 by David Guthardt (Gus), New Zealand Sign Group (NZSG) was born with a singular mission — to empower regional sign makers and providing them with the tools to compete on par with large franchised counterparts.

At its inception, Gus embarked on a journey across New Zealand, uniting like-minded signage businesses from every corner of the country. This collaborative effort aimed to harness the collective brilliance of sign writers who shared a passion for their craft.

Over the years, NZSG has evolved into a formidable nationwide force, benefiting not only its members but also enhancing the experience for their clients. With Gus, a seasoned signwriter since the mid-70s, at the helm, the organisation has transformed into a powerhouse of creativity and efficiency.

Recent times have witnessed NZSG seamlessly delivering large-scale projects throughout the country, a testament to the cohesive ecosystem fostered within the organisation.

A Cohesive Ecosystem

What do we mean by a cohesive ecosystem?

Every member of the NZSG family possesses a unique identity. Our family encompasses businesses with over 20 employees as well as those that are smaller but incredibly agile. Whether they have been thriving for over five decades or are newer to the scene, our members form a diverse yet united community.

Amidst this variety, a robust bond exists. Each member specialises in distinct aspects of signage, contributing to a collective wealth of knowledge, experience, and resources. It is this collaboration that sets us apart as superior solution providers compared to any nationwide, single franchised organisation.

Together, we redefine excellence in the signage industry.

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